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Contents - Org. Divers. Evol., Electr. Suppl.

From vol. 7 (2007) the electronic supplement of Org. Divers. Evol. (ISSN 1615-9640) has been merged with the journal itself (ISSN 1439-6092) and is available via the journal's website.

2006-16 Malchus & Pons (eds): International Congress on Bivalvia: Abstracts, Posters, Field Guides  
2006-15 Martin & al.: The genus Owenia (Annelida: Polychaeta) in the Persian Gulf  
2006-14 Gheerardyn & al.: Paralaophonte harpagone sp. n. (Copepoda: Harpacticoida)  
2006-13 Lehnert: New tree ferns (Cyatheaceae, Pteridophyta) from the N Andes  
2006-12 Albrecht & al.: Rapid evolution of freshwater limpets (Gastropoda: Ancylidae) in lake Ohrid  
2006-11 Glaw & Vences: Phylogeny and classification of mantellid frogs (Amphibia, Anura)  
2006-10 Coleman & Gonzalez: New hyalellids (Crustacea, Amphipoda) from Lake Titicaca  
2006-09 Coleman & Lowry: Australian Iphimediidae (Crustacea: Amphipoda)  
2006-08 James: The earthworm genus Pleionogaster (Clitellata: Megascolecidae) in S Luzon, Philippines  
2006-07 Schmidt & al.: The characteristics of three rRNA gene regions in Encarsia (Insecta, Hymenoptera, Aphelinidae)  
2006-06 Bartsch: Halacaroidea (Acari): a guide to marine genera  
2006-05 Coleman: An amphipod of Synurella Wrzesniowski, 1877 (Crustacea, Crangonyctidae) in Baltic amber  
2006-04 Coleman & Lowry: Revision of the Ochlesidae s. str. (Crustacea: Amphipoda)  
2006-03 Krapp & al.: Caprella scaura s. l. (Amphipoda: Caprellidae) in the Mediterranean  
2006-02 Eriksson & al.: Phenotypic polymorphism in Flabellina verrucosa (Opisthobranchia: Nudibranchia)  
2006-01 Kessler & Schmidt-Lebuhn: Taxonomical and distributional notes on Polylepis (Rosaceae)  
2005-13 Burckhardt & Mühlethaler (eds): 8th GfBS Annual Meeting abstracts pdf-file  
2005-12 Burckhardt: Ehrendorferiana, n. gen. (Insecta: Hemiptera: Psylloidea)  
2005-11 Cohen & Weydmann: Phoronids are a subtaxon of brachiopods (Brachiopoda: Phoronata)  
2005-10 Díaz & al.: Caprellids (Crustacea: Amphipoda) from Venezuela  
2005-09 Bell & Donoghue: Phylogeny and biogeography of Valerianaceae  
2005-08 Schüller & Wägele: Redescription of Ischyromene lacazei (Isopoda: Sphaeromatidae)  
2005-07 Vader & al.: Studies on the genus Onisimus (Crustacea, Uristidae) I.  
2005-06 Klein & al.: Lungs and mesopneumonia of scincomorph lizards  
2005-05 Schmelz & Collado: Fridericia larix sp. nov. (Enchytraeidae, Oligochaeta)  
2005-04 Lee: Morphological phylogeny of Squamata  
2005-03 Berge & Vader: Taxonomic status of Eclysis and Bathypanoploea (Crustacea: Amphipoda)  
2005-02 Stach: Serotonergic nervous system among Tunicata  
2005-01 Brandt & al.: Peracarid crustaceans (Malacostraca) from the Angola Basin  
2004-08 Podnar & al.: Mitochondrial phylogeography of Podarcis melisellensis (Lacertidae)  
2004-07 Brökeland & Wägele: Redescription of three Haploniscus species (Isopoda, Asellota)  
2004-06 Bechly (ed.): 7th GfBS Annual Meeting abstracts  
2004-05 Lunau: Pollination biology case studies  
2004-04 Claßen-Bockhoff & al.: The staminal lever mechanism in Salvia L. (Lamiaceae)  
2004-03 Coleman: Aquatic amphipods (Crustacea: Crangonyctidae) in Baltic amber  
2004-02 Jacob & al.: Male genitalia are not diagnostic in Euscorpius  
2004-01 Beutel & Komarek: Comparative study of Hydrophiloidea and Histeroidea  
2003-18 Hoffmann: Griffithsius latipes redescribed  
2003-17 Fritz (ed.): 6th GfBS Annual Meeting abstracts  
2003-16 Berge: Taxonomy of Stilipes (Amphipoda)  
2003-15 Vences & al.: Multiple evolution of aposematism in poison frogs
2003-14 Coleman: Digital inking  
2003-13 Malyutina: Revision of Storthyngura (Crustacea: Isopoda)  
2003-12 Griffiths & al.: Southern Ocean Mollusc Database  
2003-11 Blakemore: Japanese earthworms  
2003-10 Einax & Voigt: Primers for ß-tubulin gene analyses in fungi  
2003-09 Mausfeld & Schmitz: Molecular studies of Eutropis lizards  
2003-08 Karaman: Macedonethes stankoi n. sp., a rhithral oniscidean isopod
2003-07 Baigún & Ferriz: Distribution of freshwater fishes in Patagonia
2003-06 Doran & al.: Change in vegetation and invertebrate altitudinal assemblages
2003-05 Gillison & al.: Vegetation indicates diversity of soil macroinvertebrates
2003-04 Vásquez & al.: Diversity of Bolivian Orchidaceae
2003-03 Takeuchi: Plant discoveries from PABITRA-related exploration in Papua New Guinea
2003-02 Melzer & Schrödl (eds): 5th GfBS Annual Meeting abstracts
2003-01 Busse & Preisfeld: Spectral analysis applied to Euglenozoa phylogeny
2002-07 Guerra-Garcia: Revision of the genus Noculacia Mayer
2002-06 González & Coleman: Hyalella armata (Faxon) and H. longispina n.sp.
2002-05 Arango: Morphological phylogeny of sea spiders
2002-04 Schaefer & al.: Molecular phylogeny of Malagasy poison frogs
2002-03 Schroedl: Heavy infestation by endoparasitic copepod crustaceans (Poecilostomatoida: Splanchnotrophidae)
2002-02 Frisch et al.: Rove beetles of the subtribe Scopaeina in the West Palaearctic
2002-01 Schmid & al.: On abyssal isopods from the Angola Basin
2001-08 Gantenbein & al.: Euscorpius balearicus:an endemic Balearic Islands species
2001-07 Guerra-Garcia & Coleman: Antarctic Caprellidea
2001-06 Malyutina & al.: New records of little known deep-sea Echinothambematidae
2001-05 Häussermann & Försterra: A new sea anemone from Chile
2001-04 Leistikow: Phylogeny and biogeography of South American Crinocheta
2001-03 Coleman & Leistikow: Supralitoral talitrid Amphipoda from the Southwest African coast
2001-02 Brökeland & al.: Paravireia holdichi n. sp., an enigmatic isopod crustacean from the Canary Islands
2001-01 Clausing & Renner: Evolution of growth forms Melastomataceae